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MesaThane 6036 is a reinforced premium-grade urethane laminate featuring superior chemical, abrasion, puncture, ozone and U/V resistance. 6036 is abrasion resistant. more...


Standard Laminated Urethane Material  
MesaThane 6036BA is a reinforced premium-grade urethane laminate that incorporates an exclusive vapor barrier to achieve exceptionally low vapor transmission rates. more... 6036BA Laminated Urethanes with Vapor Barrier Material with Vapor Barrier
MesaThane 6036AS laminated urethane material features permanent anti-static and nondegradeable properties. 6036AS also offers excellent chemical, abrasion and puncture resistance. more... 6036AS Anti-Static Laminated Urethane Anti-Static Material
MesaThane 6036.045CWNBA poyurethane is engineered for vapor recovery and storage. 6036 features non-permeability, flexibility, strength and chemical resistance. more...
6036CWNBA Nylon Reinforced Laminated Urethane with Barrier Material with Vapor Barrier
Mesalon 7010 is a reinforced HDPE laminate designed to provide superior chemical resistance. 7010 is well suited for 100% aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, alcohols, MTBE and Ethanol. more... 7010 Chemical Resistant Laminated HDPE Chemical Resistant Material
MesaThane 1009-U urethane textiles combine U/V resistance and flexibility in a very lightweight material. This laminated material is unique in the industry because of a very low gauge urethane. more... 1009-U Ultra-lightweight Laminated Urethane Lighweight Materials
MesaThane 1409-UFR urethane textiles feature U/V resistance and flame resistance. This flexible laminated material meets specific industry standards for flame resistance. 1409-UFR is abrasion resistant. more... 1409-UFR Flame Resistant Laminated Urethanes Flame Extinguishing Material
MesaThane 1909-UFR reinforced urethane laminate material offers superior fire resistance and self-extinguishing characteristics. 1909-UFR is MSHA approved. more... 1909-UFR Flame Resistant Laminated Urethanes Flame Extinguishing Material
MesaThane 1809-UBA2 urethane textiles are a breakthrough in vapor barrier technology offering double vapor barriers while retaining excellent flexibility, abrasion and chemical resistant properties. more... 1809-UBA2 Vapor-Tight Laminated Urethane with Double Barriers Material with Vapor Barrier
MesaThane 2513-UBA specialty TPU is tried-and-true for use in the outdoors to protect against vapor transmission. This laminated material blocks harmful U/V affect resisting any degradation. more... 2513-UBA Weather Resistant Laminated Urethane with Vapor Barrier Weather Resistant Material

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Mesa Laminated Fabrics (MLF) manufactures polyurethane fabrics, urethane fabric, polyurethane fabric, polyurethane textiles, urethane textiles, polyurethane textile and other laminated materials for use in a wide variety of applications. MLF produces other proprietary materials, including specialty Thermo Plastic Urethanes (TPU) and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).
Laminator for producing fabrics from a series of films

MLF products are available with custom features, such as an exclusive vapor barrier for superior non-permeability rates, chemical compatibility and resistance to fire, ozone and U/V. Mesa Laminated Fabrics product lines are manufactured at our Monrovia, California facility. Our in-house production allows Mesa to ensure quality control through each stage of the fabrics lamination process. Our staff has decades of experience in the laminates industry to offer each customer a wealth of expertise when producing the laminated material of their choice. MLF produces standard product lines offering a range of features for many applications. Standard product lines include Mesathane (TPU) and Mesalon (HDPE). In addition to producing these products, MLF consistently meets industry challenges by providing custom laminated fabrics for diverse applications. Challenge us with your industrial fabrics project. Mesa will develop a custom fabric based on specific customer requirements and deliver a innovative solution to meet or exceed the necessary specifications.